Inspiration: This sweater from House of Cards

As soon as President Garrett Walker from House of Cards walked onscreen in this sweater (S02 E13) my knitting brain went into motion, analyzing every detail. Cables. Shawl collar. Worsted weight? Turned hem? I especially love the giant, graphic cables on the side. His sweater is so classic and cozy looking, and I like the unisex style. … More Inspiration: This sweater from House of Cards

Fringe Hatalong #4

Have you heard of Fringe Association’s #fringehatalong? They’ve done three “hatalong’s” so far, and this time it’s colorwork. I am not super confident with colorwork but I think I finally got my floats loose enough not to pucker. I started it last night and by this morning I already cruised past the interesting part! Hopefully the rest goes … More Fringe Hatalong #4

Summer Recap

It’s been about 5 months since I last posted! Since then I’ve been knitting a LOT (since I’m not working full time) and have also started becoming more involved with the online knitting community especially via Instagram and the ‘blogosphere’. I think it’s time for this to start being a two-way conversation, so I’m going to try to … More Summer Recap